Life Coach

I became a Certified Professional Life Coach (trained by Life Coaching Institute of America) after i experienced the power of good coaching.  After 25 years of being passionately devoted to nonprofit work on behalf of the natural world and receiving many honors, i found myself adrift, and soon after, deeply depressed.  I could no longer see the possibilities.  Working with a top life coach re-opened my eyes to life’s potentials.

The work of Activist Coach is designed to help bring light to what you cannot now see, and help you create possibilities that may presently seem unimaginable, through the process of learning how to better:

  • Trust and be honest with yourself
    Take responsibility for your decisions and actions
  • Define your values in every area of your life and get clear on how you want to live your life
  • Align and energize your personal Trinity of:  Mind, Body and Soul
  • Develop a strategy and take consistent action to move forward through challenges, to be more fulfilled and alive