Comments on the work of Michael Stewart

“…If you need a highly competent persuasive team member with strong leadership skills you will not likely find better than Michael Stewart.”

Bill Richardson

Former US Secretary of Energy; US Ambassador to the UN; New Mexico Representative of Congress; and New Mexico Governor

“In a race against time, Michael Stewart takes wing on an aerial mission to save America’s vanishing forests.”

People Magazine

“As protestors all around him shouted slogans to save the sea turtle, environmentalist Michael Stewart stepped aside to shake the hand of
Aymeri de Montesquiou, a senator and World Trade Organization delegate from France. Stewart did what few of the demonstrators in Seattle will get to do. He actually spoke with a delegate who will help determine trade
rules for the WTO’s 135 member nations.”

The News Tribune

Tacoma, WA

“On the other hand, if you want to see what is really happening, get in touch with Michael Stewart, the Chief Pilot, troublemaker, idea man and organizer of an extraordinary environmental outfit called LightHawk.”

Time Magazine

“But the upper Bladen represents a victory, and Stewart wants to see it again. …Today the Bladen is part of a 97,000 acre forest preserve.
Sometimes the good guys actually win one.
Stewart has another quality that brings friends and strangers along on his journeys. There are useful people who are problem solvers and then there are those, quite rare, who see that there is no problem. …(Stewart) sees destinations beyond ordinary horizons. Obstacles are merely clouds.”

Smithsonian Magazine

“The group’s environmental victories include leading the effort that successfully cleaned up a copper smelter in southern Arizona that was the largest single source of acid rain and arsenic air pollution in the United States. Stewart also convinced the government of Belize to establish that country’s first nature reserve – saving 200,000 acres of tropical rain forest from being logged.”
The Santa Fe New Mexican